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Planet Peacock Blind Side


Already the highlight of my day, Planet Peacock allow the natural swagger and creativity of distorted, soulful rock to pour through in an immediately hypnotic manner on this single.

Feeling partly inspired by the likes of Pearl Jam, and partly a little softer, of its own thing entirely, Blind Side drives with a brilliantly stylish, ever-progressive set-up, that showcases a musically impressive band as well as a wonderfully intriguing and captivating songwriter.

From the offset, the energy and precision that emerges feels freshly transported from the nineties. The riffs though, the details, draw about no specific comparisons – this is simply a style left behind by the mainstream in recent years, and as keeps cropping up throughout 2019, it’s well and truly set to storm back to centre stage in the coming years. Fingers crossed.

Planet Peacock are a band who win affection with ease. Not attempting to be loud or overly showy, not merely seeking an audience or some fleeting attention – far from it. This song speaks to the deeper thinking music fans, with subtlety and skill combined, and for all of these reasons it’s an absolute pleasure to escape amidst for a while.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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