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PK Sonik Behind Us


Intimacy and heartbreak guide us organically into the depths of PK Sonic’s reflective and moving Behind Us.

Introducing itself with just the strum of an acoustic guitar and a cleanly-mixed, accessible leading voice, the song connects instantly for its opening line ‘I never thought it’d be your last breath’. All at once we’re intrigued, and drawn into a melancholic nostalgia relating to our own experiences of these thoughts.

As the song progresses, the soundscape evolves and expands, the vocal reaches near falsetto, passionate peaks, and the lyrics ultimately shine light on the true intricacies of the story.

From simple folk beginnings to the pop-rock warmth and longing of a stylish anthem, Behind Us maintains that higher-noted vocal-lead during the latter half, as the lyrics reveal more and more – alongside this suddenly hopeful, uplifting instrumental arrangement.

Exploring the concept of regret and loss in a poetic and personal fashion, Behind Us manages to feel both familiar and original – a new vocal character and story, amidst a comforting, natural pop-rock arrangement that’s a pleasure to escape into.

The final moments attempt to hold tight to that element of optimism from earlier, but essentially let it go for the closing journey through desperation and emotional pain. The visuals and music still contrast this, for a cleverly juxtaposed presentation that keeps on luring you in closer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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