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Pistols At Dawn Cold / Gauntlet / All You Offer


Perhaps one of the most aptly named bands of the year, Pistols At Dawn kick in with vastly atmospheric yet gritty rock classics, which work hard to embrace and transport listeners to intense new plains.

Cold is the first of three brand new singles, and it’s a dark, hypnotic and rather stunning alternative track, which stylishly blends the weight and fuzz of distortion, with the ambient, reverb-kissed delicacy of poetic, emotive vocals.

On occasion I’m put in mind of the earlier work of Thirty Seconds to Mars, at other times there’s a more classic metal vibe, a touch of Breed 77, Audioslave, with hints of shoegaze. Always the band seem to meander through these familiar realms in a genuinely new and exciting way.

This song is powerful, and a bold introduction to a rock band well worth knowing about.

See your masters… Violent and pitiful…

Next up we have a track called Gauntlet, whose high-octane power-chords inject a sudden energy and pace into the room like a festival-ready wake-up call. Quick vocals proceed to pave the way towards a lighter, smoother hook, which proves uplifting in contrast with what came before, and all the while these lyrics intrigue and haunt.

There’s a defiantly alternative vibe to this track, not unlike the heavier hits found nestled within a classic Incubus album. All comparisons aside though, you soon come to know Pistols At Dawn as being freely creative and expressive in their own right. Everything from considerate songwriting to superb musicianship and faultlessly passionate performances helps make each and every song of theirs a total pleasure to turn up loud and escape into.

Finishing things up is perhaps a personal favourite from the recent releases. All You Offer is a uniquely conceptual, intimate portrayal of disapproval and uncertainty alike.

While there’s a clearly personal aura to the writing and delivery, the details remain vague enough that the whole song can be made your own. Throw in some superb guitar work, uplifting and energizing instrumentation on the whole, and a stunning hook that rises up in passion and melody – and the result is a majestic and unforgettable anthem, which effectively screams out in angst and soulful longing on your behalf. Brilliant.

From gripping guitar solos to anthem-like hooks, poetic and provocative lyricism, and unquestionable unity amidst chaos, Pistols At Dawn are on track to be one of the most highly-anticipated bands on the live circuit – as and when things kick back into gear. Listen loud.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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