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Pistol For Ringo Case of the Tuesdays


Leading with a raspy, gritty and tired yet soulful leading voice, but one that the band stylishly place far back within the mix – creating distance, quietness, a dreamlike quality – Pistol For Ringo emerge with an immediately humble and genuine nature.

There’s strong appeal in the set-up of this song, and in the carefully crafted video story-line that accompanies, and for all of these reasons and more this is a single well worth knowing about.

Humble seems more than apt for this song. That leading voice is beautiful, heavy and loaded with depth and emotion, yet mixed in with quiet confidence amidst a dreamy, shoe-gaze-soaked ambiance. And the whole thing is over within barely a couple of minutes, not lingering for longer than it needs to, not overloading the listener with detail. When all is said and done, that title and hook line is what you take away with you, and the simple, mellow and sluggish swagger of the soundscape.

Perhaps it’s worth noting that I’m writing this on a Tuesday morning. The song takes on a whole new level of relevancy, bringing home the office life reality in a poignant manner.

Brilliant, simple yet effective, and a fine introduction to the album Kings Of Bad Behavior.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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