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Pistol for Ringo AUDIO SURRENDER


Dreamy riffs and crisp live drums guide us into the surf-rock sound and contemplative, passionate lyrical progressions of Pistol For Ringo’s latest album.

The beautifully-captured, melodically alluring Painted Love makes for a stunning opening song – poetic and provocative, immersive and intimate whilst being bright and energising for the drop.

It’s a strong start, an absolute highlight from the get-go, addictive in its movement from uncertainty to resolve – and it kicks off Audio Surrender in a way that leaves you keen to stay onboard.

Their sixth album to date, Audio Surrender marks 20 years of music from Pistol For Ringo, and celebrates their unrivaled devotion, passion and skill in a timeless and impressive manner.

Alternative by nature but also hooky and familiar enough to reach that broader audience, the opener highlights the professionalism and experience of the band. Renowned across the West Coast for their live shows and songwriting finesse alike, the band stand tall on the strength of their own freely expressive conviction to the cause.

Deeply raspy, soulful vocals front the iconic Pistol For Ringo. Elsewhere we get a plethora of colourful, emotive arrangements, and equally engaging, faultless performances from all five musicians. Underneath this, there are suggestions of topical and political implications; intriguing skits between songs, as well as some of the depths of these poetic images and ideas.

In the same instance, personal touches and feelings maintain a clear sense of commitment to the therapeutic process of making music. As such, the songs connect for their authentically human ponderings.

Tracks like Firing Line Blindfold and Sacred Geometry showcase a fine balance between all elements, and again resolve beautifully with a well-crafted hook.

Arrangement matters, and taking things towards the more mellow yet arena-ready setting is the the thoughtful, vulnerable and reverb-soaked Gft – an ethereal approach echoed again for the penultimate So Long Sundown.

The sound now falls somewhere between the recent Kings Of Leon releases and the more classic U2 anthems, but that’s a breadth of indie rock to toy with. Ultimately, Pistol For Ringo pave their own way with this record.

During the latter half, the psychedelic aspect and soaring distorted contrast of Music Never Stops guides us into a classic rock and roll hit with a twist of electronic sound-play, whilst Wave Of Mutilation blends warmth of sound with darkness of topic, for an enchanting and memorable listen. Another interesting highlight.

To finish, the stylish rock stomp of Apocalips brings through a catchy groove and a gripping storyline, for one last blast of energy and considerate writing combined. It’s a big closing track, and reminds us of the rock and roll presence of Pistol For Ringo united at a faster-pace and a higher volume.

Great music, a pleasure to indulge in as the colder seasons take hold, and undoubtedly a band who will light up the night should you get the chance to catch them at a show.

Check out Pistol For Ringo via Reverbnation.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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