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Pining Not A Love Song


Pining’s return this month brings an emotionally loaded and chaotic new punk-rock track that utilizes contrast brilliantly to slam onto the scene with absolute impact.

Quiet verse-lines lead with indie-rock delicacy towards the full-throttle weight of a screamo-infused hook – one that brings together every element and every vocal fragment in a moment of musical onslaught. This emo-outpouring of intensity and passion hits hard, feeling reminiscent of the likes of Brand New from way back when. That melody is central, that anthem-like moment shines through the power of the sound – a mighty quality to possess, and one that’s impossible to ignore.

Not A Love Song has a clear intention about it, musically and in terms of the story it holds close to throughout. The near-acoustic intro invites you right into the centre of the concept – that intimacy feels genuine, heartfelt and lost in turmoil – for these reasons it’s immediately relatable. The build-up from here to the hook is perfectly artistic, poignant in the manner it’s been crafted – there’s no more fitting way to lead into that explosion of music and frustration than the line I don’t write love songs, but if I did they might sound like this…

The artist Pining knows exactly what he means to portray, what he wants to express, and this single is a fine example of that. Consider the lyrics and the progression of the story as you listen, let nostalgia and honesty intertwine and overwhelm, and that’s where you find the sweet spot in which a song like this appears inescapably on point. Absolutely worth a listen at volume for rock and punk fans past and present.

Pre-save the song for the release day on May 1st via DistroKid. Find & follow the band on Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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