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Phillip Sanders Lay You Down, and Love You


Country songwriter Phillip Sanders celebrates intimacy and oneness with his catchy and seductive new single Lay You Down, And Love You.

Featuring classic country progressions with mellow verses paving the way towards the faster-paced uplift of the hook, the single holds nothing back in terms of the desires and longing of our protagonist, and there’s something quite refreshing about that.

At the same time, the release is undoubtedly a declaration of love, accompanied by visuals of romance and embracing the moment to further that central sentiment. It’s a modern day take on the timeless love song, and thanks to great production all round it’s one that’s been captured in a way that will hopefully stand the test of time.

Despite the personal detailing, the images and scenes as per the genre, the whole thing can easily be made the ‘our song’ of any and all couples looking to shift the dynamic a little from ballads towards the more upbeat side of modern country.

Phillip Sanders delivers the song well, providing that essential rasp of character but also introducing a notably recognisable voice, which will no doubt stand out across future releases.

Visit Phillip Sanders’ Website for more information.

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