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Phillip Guapo Saint Nick (Feat. Finessee Kidd)


Saint Nick pours through with a lightly delivered trap beat and a pair of performances that rhythmically guide the colour and gentle vibrancy of the soundscape respectively.

Phillip Guapo and Finesse Kidd seem fit to make precisely this kind of music. Despite its seasonal irrelevance, there’s something memorable about the release of the track right now – the music is far from the bells and joyfulness you can generally expect from a song with Santa on the artwork. It actually has a perfectly suited summer-time vibe about it, the opening riffs intertwine and create a mild dance-hall aura that takes you beach-side if that’s what you need it to do.

Lyrically the track presents the classically bragging nature of modern hip hop with nothing held back. The opening verse in particular sounds youthful and carefree, the delivery is confident but quiet – not screaming out for attention, just keeping that bounce alive and working well within the surrounding ambiance. The tone of the voice suits the smoothness of the beat pretty well, and the changing sections – the moments the pace picks up to impress and build a greater dynamic – are all well executed.

The second verse presents a slightly deeper vocal tone and something with a little more grit and attitude about it. The theme remains the same, that essential rap confidence runs strong, and with the soundscape progressing in a fairly repetitive nature – as down tempo or electronic beats generally do, in order to let you really escape within them – the vocals push for something a little more structurally interesting among this. The track offers a soft but certain hook, and with each new listen you fall more in line with the movement of the verses – the whole thing quickly becomes a familiar piece to embrace as the summer floats towards its end.

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