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Phil Cooper Songwriter Extraordinaire


A quick look at a UK based singer, songwriter, and performer, who grabbed our interest and respect as we glided through his impressive catalogue of songs. The 2014 album Half Live is as raw and real as it gets, with captivating vocals and riffs, and a certain recording simplicity that makes you instantly warm to it; we were quite taken aback by the warmth and skill of the songs in this project.

Phil Cooper was the front man of renowned band The Haiku for six years, and finally embarked upon a solo adventure in 2012. The result is a genuine pleasure to listen to. Fantastic songwriting, exactly what we like to hear. Nothing show-off-ish, just real music, well played, well written, and a bit of that little something that makes you remember the sound. An awesome collection of songs, a really great album; looking forward to catching Phil Cooper live some time soon. Check it out for yourself. This is So it Seems..

Give him a follow on Facebook, SoundcloudTwitter, and head over to his Website or Bandcamp to bag the album. Highly recommended.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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