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Phantom Black Sex On The Radio


Phantom Black have written and built a notably memorable song with their latest release. Sex On The Radio takes the listener on a somewhat unpredictable journey, beginning with space – a sense of vastness and some profound reflections on unity and togetherness. The leading voice has something of a nineties power-ballad tone and strength about it – the lyrics lean in that kind of direction in many ways too. Then slowly but surely the soundscape and the energy levels begin to climb higher.

There’s an impressive change of pace to the track as the various sections emerge, the drum-line drops in and sees the mood switch quite drastically. This drop acts like the EDM burst of light that often would interject and reignite a quiet moment. It works well, there’s additional nostalgia in the meandering bass-line and indeed in the synths that fill-up the outer edges, and all of this helps comfort and embrace the listener.

By the end of this post-four-minute experience, you take certain lines away with you, and you’ll undoubtedly recognise the track the next time around. The concept is somewhat complex on occasion, sometimes seeming optimistic, sometimes a little more uncertain. The listener gets to make it their own and take on whatever values or whichever lyrics they deem to be the most relevant. In any case, the song appeals for its intrigue, its classic roots, and that distinct sense of passion and power that pours through as the whole thing gathers momentum.

Stream or download the song here. Find & follow Phantom Black on Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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