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Peyton Gilliland Ruthless


Without meaning to sound too colloquial, I’m blown away by this single from singer and songwriter Peyton Gilliland. This is the kind of classically bright yet slightly alternative, organic folk-pop hit that would immediately direct your hand over to turn up the volume as you drive through town on a sunny Saturday.

What begins as something of a delicate bit of acoustic folk, soon evolves to become something much grittier, melodically energizing, and powerful as it gathers momentum and weight. That hook is superb, simple yet effective and – as suggested – just alternative enough to really let it appeal on fresh level. The questioning nature of the verse leading up to this, the Americana twang, and Peyton’s sheer confidence and even swagger all help raise this track up so much higher than the majority of its peers.

Peyton’s vocals are stunning, there’s no question about that, and this song showcases that ability in unison with a clear and genuine level of soul that carries the underlying sentiments through with unstoppable strength. Perhaps there’s something slightly nostalgic about this kind of song, but at the same time – the instrumentation is refreshing, the organic approach means that you can visualize the live show; something that would likely create a magnetic storm during a festival set.

The whole thing has skill and style whilst also holding close to that which is known to work in pop music – those precise qualities that get you singing along, feeling empowered, and reaching over for the volume. An easy hit and one that lights up the room each time it reappears. What a tune.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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