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Peter Senior The Christmas Tree


Peter Senior gets set to kick off your Christmas this year with a fresh yet rightfully seasonal sounding single that’s easy to enjoy. Driving with soulful, confident vocals, the track offers a simple pop-rock backdrop with an ongoing rhythm that uplifts and energizes – the perfect antidote for the blues and a great little lift as the holidays approach.

What works about this single is that Senior has managed to fuse the comforting familiarity of the season with something notably fresh. There’s nostalgia in the Christmas songs we know and love, that’s why we return to them every year – we all know the words, we can all share in that moment of joy and togetherness. After multiple decades though, it’s always a refreshing pleasure to find something a little different and new to enjoy – yet that hopefully still holds close to those original, distinguishing elements that make Christmas music so vibrant.

Peter Senior offers precisely those qualities with this single. The melody, the references, the brightness, the bells – it feels like a Christmas classic, by all accounts, but the words and the phrasing and the overall finish have the strength of something a little left of what we know. It’s an easy song to learn, to familiarise yourself with, and it flawlessly fits in with the rest of the seasonal catalogue to date – making for a treasured addition and something with a contemporary glow about it.

You can enjoy the energy and freedom of the Christmas season this year, without overdoing those songs that have been reappearing for such a long time. The classics will remain, but there’s also plenty more to embrace nowadays. The Christmas Tree is a must for any playlist this winter.

The Christmas Tree will be available from December 7th. Find & follow Peter Senior on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud or visit his Website.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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