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Peter Senior Cool Ride


It’s close to impossible not to enjoy this single from Australian artist and songwriter Peter Senior. The first two minutes of the song offer quite precisely what the title implies – the music is cool, calm and stylish, spacious and creative. Senior’s leading voice has depth and character, softly and quite seductively delivering the descriptive and easy going song in a smartly dressed fashion.

Various flickers of jazz and soul weave in and out of the mix, but on the whole you never really get a single genre feel from the track – it just works off of the back of Senior’s delivery, the ongoing apparent metaphor, the cool rhythm of the clicks, the blissful calmness of the instrumentation, and the generally organic feel of the soundscape in full.

After the two minute mark, Peter Senior veers off down an unexpectedly passionate pathway. The second time you listen you can kind of feel a sense of anticipation as this approaches, but the first time it just smashes onto the stage – not unlike a fast car speeding down the road. Senior’s voice is perfectly suited to this kind of melodic development, the depth of his opening vocal creates a powerful contrast with what comes later. His intensity and energy combine to create a totally artistic and entertaining moment of vibrancy.

You get the feeling that a live performance would be out of this world, the sort of stage presence and multi-coloured musicality that you may have stumbled upon a couple of decades ago, or that the likes of Bruno Mars might put forth these days. Without a doubt, Peter Senior has a unique and recognisable sound – to his voice and to his style of presentation in general. Cool Ride is a cool track, loaded with personality.

Cool Ride is a single from the album On the Edge. Find & follow Peter Senior on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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