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Peter Melow Into Your Eyes


Acoustic folk with character and depth – lifelong musician and bandmate Peter Melow seeks truth and reflection, with his heartfelt solo single Into Your Eyes.

Written exclusively for his youngest daughter Paulina, Into Your Eyes is one part of a bigger upcoming project entitled Of Kids and Sand.

For Peter, songwriting is a passion, a hobby and expression of life’s blessings. The latest single builds up from intimate acoustic beginnings into a more warmly presented array of vocals and additional layers of harmonica, for a true look at the unrivalled love between a father and his daughter.

Inspired by the style of Brian Fallon and Bob Dylan, the approach and set-up are timeless, while the songwriting feels fresh, honest, and showcases the unique nuances of Peter’s genuine voice in both lyric and tone.

Though the topic is deeply personal, it feels broadly relatable for parents and families alike, and that ability to unite the vast and the individual is what makes for a great song.

Into Your Eyes takes its time to gather momentum, offering quiet insight initially, before evolving into an uplifting celebration of cherished memories and moments that will last a lifetime. That evolution is crucial in letting the song really connect with its listeners, which it does quite beautifully. The upcoming album will no doubt be one full of rewarding melodies, organic arrangements, and authentic reflections on family life.

Find Peter Melow on Instagram or his Website.

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