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PETE.JR Yesterday


Immediately contrasting softly reverb-kissed guitar with almost punk-pop-like, high energy vocal call-outs, PETE.JR’s Yesterday goes on to bring in elements of emo-rap and contemporary pop alike throughout its deeply intimate, honest portrayal of love.

Introducing a fairly raw set-up but one that connects for its purity and the clear emotion in both the vocal sound and the lyrics, Yesterday progresses from delicate to softly energising, and this reflects the changing stages of the lyrics; this progression from uncertainty through longing and acceptance.

Yesterday leads with self-awareness and gratitude – it’s a love song, but not one without a welcomed touch of reality. The story is complex, sometimes meandering in a freestyle, diary-like manner, other times resolving well with a simple hook melody. And always the refrain of that guitar riff lingers in the distance – later accompanied by horns, a trap-style beat, and ultimately an instrumental break that’s well placed within the arrangment.

Great songwriting, with a dash of uninhibited lyrical outpouring for that modern twist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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