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Peripheral Method Runner (Don’t Let Me Down REMIX)


Carefully and creatively walking the line between delicacy and weight, softness and distortion, Peripheral Method offer a uniquely calming soundscape with this latest remix.

The track showcases a mild sense of rising anticipation, but the drop never comes – the sound always feels as if it’s happening somewhere in the distance; like you’re witnessing it from outside the building. Rather than this being a quality issue or any sort of negative point, it’s been done in a decidedly professional manner – there’s a hypnotic and, as suggested, calming aura to the whole thing. Gentle riffs echo around the outer layers, as do fragments of that recognisable vocal, and meanwhile the beat keeps things moving – subtly, allowing the track to maintain its peacefully chaotic vibe.

As you approach the half-way mark, a mere four minutes into the journey, things start to rebuild yet again. There are still threads of familiarity, you still confidently know where you are, but there’s a change in the set-up and subsequently in the feelings it gives you. Something like a stop-start presentation emerges on occasion and recaptures any wandering attention.

What actually happens as you let this play out for the full extent of the recording, is that you fall entirely under the spell of the audio. Whether you find yourself energized or soothed could depend on the setting, but there’s a definite air of escapism or something slightly meditative about the experience. There’s a manic sense of noise to much of it but this is always balanced beautifully with multiple layers of lightness and colour and quiet emotion. It seems to belong to its own genre in many ways. Peripheral Method have undoubtedly found their sound and are running free with it – and rightfully so. Well worth a listen.

Download the music via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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