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Pepper Gomez Oh My Heart (Feat. Tacboy)


Retro electro-pop jam vibes meet with the immersive warmth and pace of contemporary EDM for this mildly tribal, emotive and euphoric new single from Pepper Gomez.

Featuring Tacboy, Oh My Heart showcases a unique vocal thread that helps shift the track away from simple familiarity. Weave this in amidst the hypnotic chord progression, complete with keys and subtle riffs, and the whole thing effectively feels like an indie anthem and an EDM hit of escapism all at once.

Offering a uniquely colourful rise up and gentle drop just after the half-way mark, the production throughout Oh My Heart proves just as creative and expressive as the vocals. There’s plenty of personality to the release, and this fuses well with the quickly memorable nature of the lyrics, the repeated phrases – ‘pop thru baby’ lingering indefinitely after listening – and the simple positive vibes and bright energy of the groove.

Piano-led and essentially organic yet crafted with the precision of a modern studio master, Oh My Heart injects nostalgia and carefree performative confidence into the 2021 scene.

Check out Pepper Gomez on Facebook or visit the Wake Up! Music Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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