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pe$o PLUG (Feat. Isaiah)


pe$o’s return this month brings a track that feels contemporary enough to fit in among the bulk of rhythmically short-lined hip hop releases of late. Musically though, PLUG builds a fairly unusual soundscape behind the performances – a somewhat dreamlike ambiance accompanies a distant beat and creates a calmness; within which everything just floats through.

As is often the way, the track falls close to the two-minute mark, but in this case it feels like a much longer experience. Though the intro hits a little harder, the track and the performances settle into something gentler after a while. The melodic moment is welcomed, this whispered singing style moves smoothly throughout the instrumentation – feeling like simply another layer within the mix. The contrast too between this and the rap vocal helps keep things moving – there’s a definite sense of structure that lets you know where you are and increases the recognisable quality of the whole release.

pe$o’s performance feels almost at war with the hook on this track, there’s a confidence and volume to the rap vocal, whereas the melodic one has a certain softness and acceptance about it. This effect works really well in keeping the song interesting, as well as in showcasing the strengths and abilities of both artists.

The more you hear this, the more the set-up satisfies. The musical backdrop is a definite selling point and both pe$o and Isaiah meet the energy and rhythm of the moment in a relevant way. There’s plenty that’s memorable within the music and the melody, so this balance between the contemporary sound and that which is a little more creatively free works greatly in the single’s favour.

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