pe$o - N.F.L (Prod. by Lil Laudiano & RON-RON) - Stereo Stickman

pe$o N.F.L (Prod. by Lil Laudiano & RON-RON)


pe$o’s N.F.L is a sub-two minute track that weaves a simple but memorable soundscape around its listeners and introduces the artist’s vocal sound and lyrical style in a striking way. This single actually feels like a missed hit from the dawn of hip hop – the depth of tone in the leading voice and indeed the hypnotic repetition featured in the instrumentation all makes for a piece that feels fit to accompany some classic late eighties or early nineties rap hit.

The shortness of this release works in its favour in many ways – it has to hit hard and leave a mark within a minimal time frame, so it utilizes just a few distinctive elements in order to do so. The back-drop offers a mellow beat and that unmistakable riff – this slightly haunting, reverb-soaked, dreamlike ambiance that lets the ideas within really stand tall and connect.

pe$o’s voice is undoubtedly another strong point for the release and ultimately for his sound in general. The tone and the delivery feel much more classic or nostalgic than the vast majority of modern day hip hop releases. It’s a sound that feels genuine, soulful and serious – it makes you want to listen, it carries the rhythm and the poignancy of the lyricism in a bold yet smooth way.

The lyrics aren’t overly complex but they offer a fine balance between that which is laid-back and that which hits with a little more weight. The contrast between the simplicity of a drink and the harshness of the language and references that follow has impact. These two key ideas repeat in an entrancingly rhythmic way to make up the song’s hook.

As stated, everything within happens quickly, but you familiarise yourself with it quite easily – there’s an addictive and enjoyable sense of calm and confidence to it all. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

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