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Pegasus Sadistic


Striking back with a quicker flow and more poetic intention than ever before, Pegasus’ latest single is a provocative hit of story-telling alongside a dark and hypnotic soundscape.

Featuring a fresh beat from producer Cri$ Dinero, Sadistic tells a compelling story throughout its sub-two-minute soundscape. While there’s a fairly raw finish to the track, this essentially builds further on that truthful authenticity at its core. I’m reminded slightly of the classic nineties hip hop projects that made waves for being so open and personal in nature.

In the case of Sadistic, there’s a clear and definitive story at work, and Pegasus thoughtfully balances vague poetic references with intimate details and ideas that relate to a far more personal series of experiences. The effect of this approach fuses well with the calming, late-night ambiance of the music, creating a track that’s easy to escape into and to consider your own story amidst as the beat loops out around you.

What helps this track connect all the more so is that decidedly emotive yet still calm and confident vocal line. The rhythm with which the bars are delivered is also quirky and on point enough to intertwine well with the natural flow of the music. The whole thing embraces the listener in a fresh, somewhat addictive way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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