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Pegasus Love’s A Trap (Prod. Streak Desperado)


Streak Desperado provides a gentle and dreamlike backdrop on this single – the perfect ambiance within which the artist Pegasus can offer up his mellow yet conceptually intense lyricism, in an appropriately rhythmic yet near-spoken-word style delivery.

Love’s A Trap¬†is a song with a distinct intention and purpose. The further you get into it, the more the concept stands out and connects. The opening moments present the mere rhythm and memorable line that is the hook – nothing particularly gripping appears in the early stages, but you welcome that moment of pause when it returns later on. Whenever things are lyrically simple like this, the music makes sure to keep you embraced with its unique fusion of synths and colour and space. The soundscape is fairly quiet, minimalist in some respects, and the beat is notably light – this is far from your classic contemporary hip hop groove. All of these things help give the track a recognisable sense of identity.

As the verses pour through, the underlying story-line begins to hit harder and harder. There’s a reason the setting is so calm and collected – the details are important, and Pegasus makes sure to drive with these above all else. It’s not about high energy or showcasing an ability to rap fast – that will come later, and you’re impressed in general anyway by the unwavering flow and the rhyme scheme that shines brightly throughout. The track’s main sentiment is one that reveals a personal and vulnerable side to the artist, and this is what lets the whole thing speak more intimately with the listener. Some references are unique to the individual, but some are more vague and accessible, and that balance works well. The latter half is particularly intense, the performance reflects this change in emotion well and makes sure to hold on to your attention until the end.

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