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Peasant Moon Our Timing Was Wrong


Sydney-come-Chicago songwriting duo Peasant Moon present audiences with their brand new EP Our Timing Was Wrong, a five track collection of alt-country, acoustic-pop songs, straight from the heart.

Beginning with Back In Time, the musicians showcase strength of songwriting and an organic and warm display of instrumentation. The melodies come through with genuine feeling, something that can’t be faked no matter how hard certain singers may try. The lyrics have impact because they’re delivered in a way that makes you want to listen, and which, when you do, makes you believe every word.

As the project progresses, the instrumentation and the leading voices provide the thread of familiarity – it’s a sound you quickly come to appreciate. The songwriting provides the experiences, the tales, the history. This acoustic-folk-pop with a stylish country twang has a beautiful brightness to it, and the title track in particular comes through with a vibrant and hopeful energy. Despite the sadness touched upon in the lyrics – the nostalgia, the missed opportunities – the optimism is the key; the acceptance, the realisation. This underlying concept of the importance of timing is something that is humbly yet powerfully represented throughout the project, and it’s something many listeners will, and probably should, relate to. People and situations change all the time, and in many cases – timing is everything.

Over Again has a much fuller sound than its predecessor. The instrumentation explodes a little here, the sound is bright and bold and invites you to be a part of the good vibes. This is the perfect moment at which to realise a live performance from the duo and their band would be an exceptional evening of music. The reflective and deeply human nature of the lyrics continues, but the musicality varies and refuses to sink into the sadness for too long, making this a thoroughly enjoyable EP.

The gentle acoustic guitar picking that opens up the song Party suggests perhaps the opposite of what the title implies. Not an act to succumb to expectations, Peasant Moon simply write the songs that come to them, and that’s what makes them so special, and so real. Party is beautiful, incredibly honest, and the softness of the sound comes as a welcome change at this point within the collection. The back and forth between the male and female vocal parts also makes for an enjoyable and interesting dynamic and enhances the storytelling and the mood really well.

The final song of the EP is Leaving Tonight. It begins with a superb bit of skilfully crafted instrumentation, the sort that sets the scene superbly. You then get a nostalgic yet calming display of imagery; a final story before you head off, and a gorgeously soothing melody. There’s something of a classic feel to this final track, a long lost song from simpler times. It’s a smooth way to finish, likely to be received exceedingly well with a glass of something a little more interesting than water.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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