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Paully Never Change (Feat. Mr.A)


Paully fuses the brightness and near-EDM energy of electro-pop with a heavy bass-line and a laid-back lyrical backbone for this latest release.

Leading with a mellow yet intentional hip hop style and structure, Never Change showcases the melodic and rhythmic side of the artist’s performance style and creativity in a smooth and contemporary manner. While there are plenty of elements that fit well amidst the sound of today, there’s also plenty that feels decidedly fresh – increasingly so as the track progresses.

Mr.A’s appearance during the latter half redirects things significantly, adding a new level of energy and character, yet still managing to hold close to the track’s original feel and set-up. The collaboration offers a worthy dynamic that makes sure to hold your attention throughout. At the same time, despite different vocal sounds and approaches, both artists are clearly on the same wavelength for this piece, and that helps maintain a level of purpose and accessibility.

As suggested, the soundscape for the single is particularly impressive, this arrangement of synths and moments rains down in a quickly likable way – setting the scene with a fine balance between peacefulness and vibrancy. On top of this, both Paully and Mr.A work their magic in a natural fashion, never trying to be anything other than the artists they are – bringing authenticity, quiet confidence, and a clear love for the art-form and the genre in particular.

The accompanying video presents a series of equally calming, dreamlike and hypnotic visuals, which suits the mood of the music perfectly well. It will be interesting to hear where else the music can take them with future releases.

Download the single via iTunes.

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