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Pauline Frechette Follow My Heart


Follow My Heart is the unexpectedly haunting new single from Pauline Frechette. The song follows the classic, meandering songwriting style presented by the artist across previous releases, though the underlying mood remains much more melancholy than the concept perhaps first implies. As you follow the free-flowing melody along, this dark or deeply reflective jazz aura emerges, alongside of which Pauline’s emotional portrayal of the ideas seeks to captivate and hypnotize listeners.

The lyrics paint a series of clear and compelling pictures for you, intertwined with an all important and effective touch of personal emotion and truth. The story line itself seems partly joyful and partly regretful, these two extremes appearing in seemingly equal measures. The music, as always, beautifully re-emphasises these evolving, ever changing sentiments. As the final few moments play out on the original song, the last words linger in your mind, leading to an almost inescapable revisit or replay of the whole thing.

This EP release presents two separate versions of the single. Once both have been experienced in sequence, the ambiance and overall vibe of the sound settles in for good – it quickly becomes familiar, this atmospheric arrangement of moments, and each time you listen afterwards it takes on a whole new role before you.

Follow My Heart featuring Stewart Cole presents of course the now familiar soundscape, though it actually paints a slightly different kind of picture. The melody is driven by the trumpet, and although it follows the same meandering pathway – through the serene to the hopeful – it floats along on a slightly higher plain overall, giving off a misty-eyed mood that leaves your mind wandering through the streets of some European city late at night.

In reality, it’s each to their own with regard to where the music takes you, but as stated earlier – this release in its entirety seems to have an even greater effect on you with every new listen. The words appear under a slightly different light, you start to expect the changing moods, you start to connect with it in an unpredictable way. It’s a beautiful single and the two versions work wonderfully alongside of each other. Certain characteristics within the music and the lyricism really stand out.

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