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Pauline Frechette A Quiet Walk In The Snow (Christmas Version)


This is perhaps one of the most powerful seasonal offerings I’ve heard over the past couple of years, it’s also a personal favourite from the Pauline Frechette collection. This short yet intense instrumental piece of music creates an entire journey before you. Beginning with the simplicity of what appears as a softly picked harp alongside a smoother wave of strings, the story told by this progression of notes and the varying levels of emotion that come through at every moment beautifully highlights and indeed creates for you the precise feeling of this peaceful, thoughtful, reflective walk through the snow.

The piece features a striking contrast between the quick succession of notes on the one instrument, the finger picking style, and the elongated, much more ongoing sound of those come from above it. On the one hand you have the sound of the snow-fall, or maybe even the footsteps, and on the other you witness the delicacy and togetherness of the entire moment – the calmness of the sky, the feeling you get when the snow covers everything and makes for a new, completely fresh and beautiful scene.

A Quiet Walk In The Snow (Christmas Version) is a really beautiful piece of music, so refreshing and yet fitting for this time of year. At under two minutes long it’s easy to find yourself playing it over and over again, the places your mind wanders to as the music pours out around you have both nostalgic and considerate qualities, and in either case you’re likely to find yourself deeply calmed by the soundscape. It also comes with that classical touch of real, organic music, so if ever a live performance were to be on the cards – that’s definitely something to go and experience.

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