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Paul Wetz Chasing Hills (Feat. Nothing In Common)


Paul Wetz’ new release this week is a track that offers an immediately uplifting hit of escapism not unlike the work of The xx – though with a notably fuller, deep-house driven backdrop; and a refreshing concept and melody-line.

Chasing Hills appeals from the first few seconds of hearing it just quietly. The louder you listen, the greater the effect, and as these various layers and riffs and ideas become more familiar Рthe stronger a go-to the track becomes.

Both vocals on the single are beautiful, quietly expressive but perfectly in keeping with the dreamlike aura of the soundscape. There’s a notable contrast between Wetz’ own voice and the female tones of Alice Edstrom (Nothing In Common), and this helps create a dynamic that holds tight to your interest and adds a level of togetherness to an already engaging song.

Musically the rhythm and synths of this release are quick to entrance an audience. The presentation is fairly light, professionally crafted though – you can either listen at the end of a long day, to calm yourself, or at the start of a heavy night; to pick yourself up. That sort of balance and potential is not an easy thing to achieve, but fine production lets the natural strengths of this track shine brightly in multiple settings.

The simplicity of the hook melody makes certain you walk away with it running through your mind – a similar effect is true of the near-organic guitar riff that flickers through intermittently. The fact that there’s a poetic sense of depth to the writing makes it connect all the more profoundly – Wetz wrote the song during a bike-ride, upon realizing his longing for his hometown. The whole thing is artistically beautifully but also hard-hitting enough to be re-crafted via any number of remixes. A humble and promising release – one for the long term playlist. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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