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Paul Barrere & Roger Cole In My Prison


Paul Barrere and Roger Cole have released a brand new song this month entitled¬†In My Prison,¬†and as songwriting goes, it’s something of a lyrical maze through poetic consideration and deep thought.

As always, the duo’s music showcases a touch of Pink Floyd inspired structuring and guitar work, the thickness of the beat in this case adds a fairly epic and dramatic rhythm, however mellow in pace. As the song progresses, there’s a unique and interesting string section that comes into play, almost electronic sounding on occasion, offering up just snippets of notes half tapped to exemplify the rising intensity.

The structure of the song is a huge part of what makes it captivate you as you listen. The switch from the verse to the chorus alone hits with striking impact, and it’s a chorus that works – it drives that title, that concept, with emotion and a somewhat theatrical sort of power. This prison of indecision is intriguing, to say the very least, it’s yet another of these poetic and reflective moments in which the songwriters express a particular perspective that provokes thought. The accompanying music, the developing instrumentation, and the varying melodies, all support and enhance this sentiment superbly.

The musical atmosphere allows you to escape, allows your mind to wander, the consider these ideas and to attempt to come to some sort of conclusion as to what it all means and how it relates to oneself. This is when music or lyricism in particular gets interesting, when it stems from personal experience, yet it reaches out and connects with various other pathways, various other individuals, who then form their own stories and thoughts within it.

It’s a strong release, and a pleasure to hear something new from Paul Barrere and Roger Cole. Their creativity always stays true to their own sense of artistry, so the sound is genuine, experimental in a way, but real and meaningful.

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