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Paul Barrere & Roger Cole Grain Of Sand


After the delight of hearing and reviewing Political Freak Show just recently, it was a genuine pleasure to grab an early listen to some brand new music from the creative duo that is Paul Barrere and Roger Cole.

Grain Of Sand opens up with a Simon and Garfunkel style flicker of reflective guitar playing, and what follows is this familiar riff throughout, warm in it’s expression and ambiance, and beautifully accompanied by a very real and raw vocal performance just loaded with feeling and honesty.

The song is beautiful, the sound is reminiscent slightly of some perhaps undetectable moments of stripped back, acoustic rock from times gone by, but it’s melody, it’s riffs, and it’s theme are entirely incomparable, and so the overall effect is just really fresh, and quite inspiring to listen to.

What you can really tell about this songwriting team is that their knowledge and love of real and classic music is strong and thoroughly genuine. The way this particular song unfolds and evolves throughout, really pays tribute to the structure of many of the songs that we know and love from legends of the past. At one point a guitar solo appears, and it comes unexpectedly in a way – the song works well as an acoustic guitar track, you can imagine a live and intimate performance of it, perhaps even solo – but this addition fits brilliantly. It’s another moment at which you can sit back and really just appreciate the knowledge these artists have of what works well in music.

This new track is a lot calmer sounding than Political Freak Show. Having said that though, there is undoubtedly something about this sound that is unique to the duo creating it. If you’re a new listener, it’s worth listening to both tracks in the same sitting. I’d be surprised if you’re not inclined to head off and find even more music from the guys behind it all. You will have to wait just a little longer for Grain Of Sand though. The single comes out November 8th. You can pre-order it now, or download it from this date onward over on iTunes or Amazon.

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