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Patrick Foreman I’m Calling On You


COO of Returning Citizens Mag, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Coach Patrick Foreman is a force to be reckoned with right now. Amidst a host of impressive accolades, he’s recently released an album of beautifully crafted, blissfully soulful Gospel songs, and the project makes for a gorgeously uplifting and heart-warming boost of joy whenever you need it.

A stand-out single from the new project is the stunning He’s Able. Featuring incredible vocals from David Scott (The Sensational Gospel Tones of Williamsburg), the song utilizes just a few key instrumental layers, building up slowly and really allowing the lyrics and the power and emotion of that vocal performance to lead the way.

For what begins as a warming, intentional and beautifully recorded piece of music and performance, the song slowly but surely grows and evolves into something else entirely – something all the more energetic, passionate, and powerful. Those vocals are sensational – effortlessly meandering through the notes and the story-line, with a clear and unquestionable connection to the words and sentiments at hand.

The classic themes of Gospel and Christian Soul music stand tall of course, and in terms of the caliber, the set-up and the effort put in by all involved, the style and the ultimate resulting sound is absolutely second to none. This quality and this calming, comforting approach runs throughout the entire album.

The album’s title track is another that stands out, a spoken word prayer introduces things amidst an almost Americana or country soaked backdrop. The music builds up brilliantly here, the voice remains calm and collected to begin with, loving and grateful, and meanwhile – the marching drum ,the strings, flickers of guitar and hints of a vocal choir in the distance – the rising intensity is gorgeous.

This one makes for a really unique piece that reminds you of the underlying sentiments and purpose of the project. As it progresses, the rising energy is overwhelming – the vocalist loses himself in the moment entirely, and that’s inspiring to witness.

A sublime and powerful album, creatively and emotionally crafted yet professionally presented every step of the way. Musically impressive regardless of genre or theme, yet inherently designed to express a clear connection to a higher power – a belief in something bigger. Well worth a listen as the new season swings into view.

Check out the project here. Find & follow Patrick Foreman on Facebook & LinkedIn.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

4 responses to “Patrick Foreman – I’m Calling On You

  1. This is a brilliant observation and critique of a very good collection of songs (spiritual or otherwise). I look forward to more from Patrick Foreman and all of the collaborators.

  2. Congratulations Patrick God is doing a mighty work in you , keep letting God use you ask he see fit .

  3. Patrick, we are so proud of you and how God is using you to glorify his word. Powerful message to all.

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