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Patrick Ames Queen Kae


Patrick Ames’ latest gift to the music world is one created from a place of deep emotional admiration and difficulty, the result of which is a piece that feels immediately unlike any of his other releases to date.

Queen Kae, a composition dedicated to Patrick’s mother, who recently passed away, presents a stunningly delicate and expressive guitar performance – one that sees the artist meander through the notes and moments of the piece in a manner that feels both intentional yet pure; free from the confines of expectation or concern. It sounds, by all accounts, like a private outpouring of soul and struggle and beauty – a man working through his memories and feelings in an uninhibited manner.

The wave of strings that fill out the distant backdrop to the performance maintain a layer of thoughtful, dreamlike depth, which reminds you throughout of the sheer weight of the experience and the unlimited connections it has with what’s happening right here within the piece. For the most part, this is a beautiful piece of music, stunning even – it feels far more like a flower blooming than anything fading away. There are numerous sections throughout that vary in nature and in the quickness of their delivery – just after the half way point, the artist veers off in a quicker, more stylish, less saddened direction. Soon afterwards, the calmness returns, the melancholy and the quiet. The whole thing appears as more of a journey with each new listen. And as the passing moments gain a sense of familiarity for the listener, they connect in a more profound manner.

Even though the crafting of this piece is the result of an incredibly personal instance of loss, it reaches out in a way that is accessible to so many others who’ve experienced this inevitable pain. There is in fact a whole genre of music created by composers that is dedicated to friends and family who have passed on. It’s a place we can visit to feel less alone during those times – a little more at peace with it all, maybe even a little more understood. Patrick’s offering is breathtakingly beautiful and a blessing to have play for you.

Queen Kae – For Katherine Ames (1922-2018). Find & follow Patrick Ames on Facebook & Twitter. Visit his Website for more information.

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