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Patrick Ames Like Family


This EP is fantastic, really – it brings about such great vibes, a feeling of joy and togetherness; both of which are incredibly important and far too often forgotten about, particularly in light of recent world events.

Beginning with I Know What It’s Like, the music comes through with a simple, uplifting rhythmic, a stylish and effective guitar riff and bass line, and then to bring the concept to life is Patrick’s classic and genuine leading vocal. The melody is superb, and the lyrics offer the essence of the concept. You can always share your darkest times with me. The song has a great hook, the sort you’ll be singing along to even after the music has stopped.

The EP’s title track sets sail with a slightly more mellow or even dreamlike energy. The leading riff has a similar style to it, and production wise the output in its entirety has a distinct thread, consistent throughout the collection. This song though offers a fresh melody, a fresh story line, a familiar and warm sentiment, and a gentler, enjoyable vocal performance that approaches the subject matter beautifully. The story telling, as always, is authentic and soothing to listen to. The simplicity of this track has a certain charm that suggests a live, solo acoustic performance would portray its positivity and character equally well and with a wonderful touch of intimacy and realness.

March On furthers the variation on the project, that guitar style – the quickness of the notes – remains, and there’s a welcome piano part that adds a pleasant smoothness. The opening melody for this song is superb. The build up, the ascending notes, the changes, the lyrics featured at each moment – the craftsmanship of it is sublime. Ever the professional and skillful songwriter, Patrick Ames arranges his musical offerings in a way that captivates, calms, even surprises on occasion, but always hits the mark. This particular song deals with the inspiring courage of protesters. It has the lyricism and developing melody-line of a timeless classic, and the additional, scene-setting audio samples make for a pretty atmospheric experience.

The uplifting or inspiring energy of the collection comes through intensely with the song Push The Door Open. The title and concept is relevant to so many of us who dream or aspire to be somewhere or be doing something in particular, or who frequently ponder the pathways of the world. It’s a memorable idea, and the music brings a certain urgency and passion that reminds you to take action.

Described by the artist as wine country music, the final song of the Like Family project – Robert Mondavi – is a raw and organic, live sounding song, with a simple yet gorgeous piano part, and a series of layered vocals that re-highlight that element of togetherness and the sheer joy of spending time with those you consider to be family. The music is so peaceful that it has the effect of stopping you in your tracks, making sure you’re doing nothing else in this moment, only listening, considering, feeling calm and optimistic.

It’s a powerful way to finish, and as mentioned – this new project is fantastic, from start to finish. Patrick Ames has a way with words and melodies that really connects with audiences, the sort that deserves to be heard simply because it would be a great shame for you to miss out on it. If you’re lucky enough to live locally, make sure to follow Patrick via the social media links below and look out for any live appearances in the coming months.

Download the EP via iTunes. You can also check out Patrick’s previous EP Four Faces which we wrote about at the start of the year. Find & follow Patrick Ames on Facebook & Twitter. Visit his Website for more information.

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