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Patagonist Destiny’s Child


Hazel Crest’s Patagonist lets heartbreak and emotional turmoil drive on this latest single Destiny’s Child. The track pours through with a hopeful yet mellow beat – a colourful soundscape with scattered vocal fragments that add a layer of melodic soul to the outer edges. Running along the top of this is the artist’s own rap verse, his personal story-line and what is a genuinely characterful and refreshingly clear leading voice.

Rather than taking to the contemporary inclination to soak a vocal in auto-tune or to utilise a simple electronic beat and a vague concept, Patagonist takes intention to heart with his creativity, so every verse on this release tells the tale at its core, and the vocal delivery sounds genuine and feels from the heart. The music too represents a similar level of freedom or a carefree, unconcerned approach to hip hop. There’s a lightness to the whole thing, which lets the underlying idea shine with authenticity and depth.

Patagonist has a beautiful sound, loaded with personality and lyrically unafraid to be completely real and revealing. The general vibe of this track is emotionally poignant and reaches out to connect from its sound and mood alone. The lyrics on top of that, and Patagonist’s own natural air of originality and identity, all helps reinforce a refreshing, new, and passionate quality.

Destiny’s Child was released on February 14th as a dedication Patagonist’s partner Destiny – who sadly passed away not long before. The release makes for a beautiful ode to a love that clearly had an impact on the life of the artist. It also makes for a heartfelt moment of shared understanding for anyone who’s been through a similar struggle. As hard as it is to face, sometimes pain leads to the purest kind of art and music, and this single is up there with the best of them.

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