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Patagonist Cheerleader


Patagonist impresses more and more so with each new release of late. While there’s a somewhat raw sound to his recording and rap style, this adds a level of purity and realness, and furthermore – it builds upon that inherent nostalgia that pours through in his work.

Concept aside for a moment, Cheerleader is a great hip hop track, one that leads with a nineties-style, almost emo-rock-inspired melody and vocal hook. Later on, the soundscape settles in, and the rap verses offer that detail and that unique tone and delivery that helps highlight Patagonist as an artist paving his own way right now.

While the song is likable in itself, optimistic, loving and loaded with positive vibes, there’s also plenty more to appreciate once you understand the sentiments. This song is an ode to the artist’s girlfriend – Destiny – who sadly passed away at the start of the year. Rather than let the heartache of this result in something deeply melancholic, Cheerleader showcases a series of memories, a clear appreciation for the good times, complete with details and unique rhymes that all represent a smart and observant creative.

The song’s hook is superb, and the verse contrasts well with it – even the pauses within the soundscape, moments when the beat falls away – all of this makes for a set-up that keeps you engaged throughout. The flow during the verses also proves versatile and entertaining for its changing stages. This is all about a love for music, for reflecting on the world, for writing, and for those who matter.

A great track, really well done and a pleasure to have reappear in the playlist.

Download the single via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Patagonist on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Also check out Destiny’s Child, his previous release of a similar inspiration.

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