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PARC6IX 24k (Feat. Skinnyfromthe9)


Stylishly fusing emotional integrity with creative production and a clear familiarity in the form of the modern trap sound – PARC6IX keeps things catchy and ambient throughout a confident, musically energising 24k.

Just one single from a plethora of original releases, 24k makes for a fine example of how PARC6IX unites personal confidence, style, grit and entertainment amidst an unexpectedly complex manner of sound-design.

The music reaches out in a fresh way, and the energy committed to by the artist, and by an impressive feature from Skinnyfromthe9, injects a whole new level of vibrancy that elevates things all the more so.

The debut mixtape from PARC6IX holds true to these qualities throughout its creatively captured playlist.

Featuring the unique layering of strings in line with trap rhythms, heavy bass, and effected vocals akin to the sound of the moment, Bank Account feels like an emotional story from a distance, but at its core speaks on confidence, the climb, and the inevitability of success for those who know.

It’s an anthem for possibility, for self-belief, with a no-f*cks-given approach to performance, and this is true of the entire project. As each track progresses, the passion of the vocal multiples, and the entire energy of these faster bars and the musicality all works in unison to create a near-euphoric effort – possibly one of the most recognisable soundscape and MC combinations from the genre of late.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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