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Paradame Wave


Finding yourself blissfully lost in an ocean of videos and tracks that you never knew existed is a pretty effective way to know if an artist is doing something special. Paradame has been releasing music that is creatively free (to an almost extreme level) for quite some time now, and on top of the audio adventure, her lyricism and flow are incredible – ever impressive and more than worth the time it takes to experience.

Sublimely produced by J.Lee Mezus, Wave is the latest offering, a mere snippet of what’s to come from her upcoming album – it’s a huge song with an equally mesmerising video to match.

The sheer high quality and creativity of this release is the sort that makes you wonder why you haven’t heard it before. Paradame has a talent for writing, crafting songs, and performing. This release is undoubtedly the result of a multitude of talent fused with years of experience and an unstoppable passion for music. It’s a stunning release, completely fresh, exciting, impressive at every moment, structurally considerate and varied throughout so as to really keep you focused and involved in the moment. Everything from the beat to the ideas to the tone of the artist’s voice and the evolving performance style. Wave washes over you in precisely the ambient and unexpected manner its title implies. The calmness of the music is contrasted cleverly with the somewhat manic pace of the delivery – the whole thing becomes intense, slightly dark but playing effectively upon the confidence and character of the lyricism.

The whole thing showcases the work of a uniquely creative and dedicated artist with ideas and depth. The more you listen, the more every riff, every part of the beat, every lyric and indeed that smooth, subtle melody become familiar, unforgettable even. It’s a hypnotic piece of music, an exciting new release with a powerful, captivating video.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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