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The elusive paqx creates music from the spirit and the soul, blending instrumental purity with spoken reflections and personal honesty, across uniquely ambient, beautiful playlists like the Wetakkim album.

From the opening moments, don’t know lays bare the heartfelt intentions and production ability of paqx, setting the mood and connecting on a genuine level – feeling both unique to the artist, and relevant to the listener’s own experiences and connections with others. The subtle guitar, the dreamy keys, the mellow lo-fi rhythms and the space, all contributes to this immersive and hypnotic listening realm. We’re off to a blissful start.

Perfectly produced, melodic and atmospheric soundscapes make up the majority of Wetakkim – a quality softly elevated by the cleanly mixed vocal and these vulnerable statements directed at a significant other. tree follows and things change direction, uplifting energy ensues, almost old-school hip hop but lighter, and still the roots of the style remain – paqx has a sound of his own, and it works.

Further soothing the soul is the electric guitar-lead and revelations of a brief yet immersive jealous side. Vocal fragments and audio details again light up the breadth of ability brought to the scene. Then we move into oriental traits and hip hop rhythms, a grittier rap vocal, for the faster pace of lightyears. Poetry and personal observations walk hand in hand, almost like a freestyle; unexpectedly raising the bar.

This grittier approach continues throughout the haunting sequel-style doubt, a moment at which you realize the subtly repeated phrasings and ideas, even samples, that are scattered as threads throughout Wetakkim. Focus comes through with an uplifting balance of guitar loops and heavier rhythms, the underling inspiration for the project shining more light on the journey.

Wetakkim the title-track brings atmospheric voices, bells and melodies, pairing intensity and softness throughout a catchy exploration of the name. Then later to wrap things up, all elements collaborate for a lo-fi warmth and escapism that’s again gifted life and humanity by these stream-of-consciousness bars from paqx. early morning freestyle is an inspiring, ambitious closing track, from an album that maintains its integrity whilst accessing the clearly popular sounds of intricate, engaging and near-meditative production of today.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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