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Pall Simon The Black Launch


Putting some sort of narrative or text to the experience of genuinely immersive musical escapism is not always the easiest task. Close to six minutes of the title track had played out before I could even put together a sentence. Pall Simon produces the kind of artistic soundscapes that sync-up perfectly with the natural rhythm of your body and your heart – not necessarily in an ambient, meditative way, but in the sort of way that music fans used to seek out back when electronica first became a thing. The tracks on this EP are compositions, subtle but certain journeys through rhythm and emotion intertwined. This opener is blissful to turn up loud and simply let play.

The details seem minimal when you’re utilizing the music for its intended purpose, but when you really focus in to actually analyse or interpret the experience – Pall Simon has woven multiple layers of synths and sounds, fusing the natural world with something a little more dreamlike or electronic, and there’s so much to appreciate in the way of the intricacies and the fine, professional finish on the whole thing. There are plenty of audiences out there who thrive under the blanket of this kind of thoughtfully crafted EDM.

Also included on The Black Launch EP is Ballroom Dancing, an equally effective piece but with a notably more intense energy level – flashes of distorted and warped effects appear alongside of some grittier, clearer cut splashes of rhythm. There’s also a rising weight to this, the soundscape pours through a funnel and becomes tighter, higher, faster, more energizing. Once things kick in, following the initial drop, the track has a classic techno feel for a while – nostalgic in the overall vibe and the retro sounds that have crafted it.

Without a doubt, let this accompany your day, your journey, or your after-party. It’s refreshing to know that there are still artists out there painting up this kind of considerate EDM.

Check out the full EP via Soundcloud. Find & follow Pall Simon on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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