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Pale Monsters All This Time We Wait


Pale Monsters are a band bringing about the brightness of pop alongside of the grit and authenticity of indie rock. All This Time We Wait is a huge song, exploding in to life from the offset with an infectious and somewhat retro leading riff, the likes of which floats confidently above a colourful and synth-heavy backdrop. Then you get the lead singer’s delivery of these ideas, this melody, and this unforgettable hook. All in all it makes for a chaotic and powerful few minutes of music and performance.

The structure of this song is important as the contrast between the verses and the hook is where a lot of the power lies. The composition is loaded with multiple layers of instrumentation and effects, offering up elements of both electronica and rock. The music creates an atmospheric world of audio around you, and with the intro presenting the chorus or key line first of all, what follows appears in a strikingly delicate manner. The music falls away for the verses, and the lead singers performance and passion seems to subside for a while – detailing the story line and poetic imagery in a similarly rock-inspired manner but with a slightly more subtle, almost spoken world style. Things smash back into action each and every time the hook re-emerges.

The song hits you the first couple of times as the sort of indie anthem that would have made waves not too long ago in the mainstream music world. A little later on, after listening a few more times, you get past that energy boost and vibrancy that is the escapism of the music, and you start to take in the concept a little more intently. The hook is even stronger when this underlying idea of waiting really starts to sink in. This is a well written song, really well performed, and introduces the sound of the band in a mighty way.

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Rebecca Cullen

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