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Pakø Moonlight (Feat. Darø)


Rising artist and producer Pakø continues pushing forward with this new single Moonlight. The track showcases his subtle but ever-professional approach to creativity, slowly but surely building around you a modern-day ambiance with a driving melodic aspect that helps keep things rhythmic and entrancing in being so.

There are more than a few key traits to this single that give it a recognisable vibe. The higher end samples offer a dreamlike, even organic element, but this is part of the experienced calling card of the producer – making the electronic seem and sound natural and authentic. Certain other synths and moments add to the brightness of the track. There’s a soulful, almost jazz-like vibe to those opening flickers of instrumentation. In addition, the depth of tone of the featured vocal creates a striking contrast with the delicate backdrop, and as the energy and intensity rise, the track lifts the mood of the room effectively.

Bringing together the rhythm of hip hop and the melodic flow of RnB, all of which takes place among a creatively exploratory, trip-hop or down-tempo dance vibe, this release fuses a number of styles and genres but does so in a crisp, professional and genuine way. The whole thing flows out smoothly and has the overall effect of making sure you’ll recognise it after even just a single listen.

In terms of the sounds of today, those that work and sell well right now, and those that set the mood just right for the summer nights spent with friends, this track ticks a whole lot of boxes. Pakø is laying a strong and lasting foundation for himself as a producer, staying true to his own creative desires but also paying close attention to what works and what has an impact in the music world.

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