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Painted Kill The Pain (Prod. by Omer the KID


Brilliantly immersive from the outset, vocally pristine and captivating, haunting in a nostalgic, hard-rock rising anticipation sort of manner – Painted raises the bar brilliantly, with Kill The Pain.

Introducing an act with equal parts delicacy and weight about their creative expression, Kill The Pain follows the familiar set-up of subtle riffs and quietness, through to warm bass and distortion for the drops. As such, the structure keeps on gifting the power of juxtaposition – the second verse in particular hits with an immediately uplifting groove; another contrast made with the hardship and poetic ache of the lyrics.

Lyrically interesting on top of its surface-level qualities, the depth and vulnerability of both the writing and the leading performance helps elevate the otherwise recognisable pop-punk-come-metal arrangement, and effectively gives Painted an unmistakable sense of identity and purpose.

Fearlessly gritty, melodically enchanting, all the more powerful as a hit of escapism when listened to at volume – faultless sound-design from renowned Israeli producer Omer the KID really lets the natural qualities of the song shine brightly in any setting. Omer’s attention to detail and fine balance between precision and passion ultimately delivers a naturally engaging first listen – something that will no doubt set most listeners off on a search for live shows from Painted.

Great music, in short – an addictive summer tune with a welcomed twist of integrity and character. I look forward to hearing more.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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