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Painted into Things Something Beautiful Won’t Come Out


Whatever it is that makes for a beautifully warming and poetic pop-rock ballad, Something Beautiful Won’t Come Out has undoubtedly found it.

Perhaps it’s the long-form melody, the mildly long-form title itself and the resolve this moment offers within the soundscape. Perhaps it’s the dreamlike delicacy of the ambiance and the contrasting movement and melody of the vocal. Most likely it’s all of this.

Painted Into Things clearly writes from a place of depth, considering new and interesting ways of expressing certain ideas and feelings. That’s generally what makes a new song appeal and connect – it addresses familiar topics, but does so in a refreshing and thoughtful way. In any case, there’s a classic vibe to this song, almost is if it was a hit from the noughties or earlier, reappearing now with a timeless quality.

Beautiful writing and a really well-crafted, expressive release on the whole – performed with a relevant level of softness, which suits the mood of the music and indeed allows these lyrics to really sink in and provoke thought. An easy one to enjoy, also fairly recognizable but in a subtle, non-intrusive manner. A strong introduction to Painted Into Things as an artist and the potential of their creative reach.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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