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IIIX Zefah


Stylishly offering an immediately infectious groove of tribal rhythms and looping bass – IIIX paints an image of escapism with the brilliantly hypnotic, softly energising Zefah.

World music elements of organic finger picking and electronic fragments unite throughout this near seven-minute instrumental, throughout which composer and producer IIIX showcases equal parts passion and precision.

From the bold introduction of rhythm and pace, Zefah soon goes on to lay bare melody as a notable strength. The track is engaging, catchy, interesting, and vastly awakening. The increasing brightness and energy as the layers multiply proves uplifting in a beautifully authentic way. All at once we get the embrace of instrumental dance, and the live-style appreciation of the musicianship and this precise series of moments.

Weave in a subtle wash of effects such as reverb and panning for a wholly immersive listen, and Zefah quickly becomes a rather addictive must-hear for the tail end of a memorable 2021.

The track’s mid-section in particular sees things move towards intensity and rising anticipation, even uncertainty and edginess, before resolving once more for a latter half engulfed in movement and optimism.

Fantastic, a timeless and cleverly recognisable gem. I look forward to hearing more from IIIX.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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