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Vein of Gold Against the Grain


Released on December 12th, through the renowned YouTube channel BlankTV, Latvian creative project Vein Of Gold’s video Against The Grain is proving a hit for its soulful warmth and nostalgic, organic soft-rock set-up.

Drenched in reverb yet somewhat raw and live sounding underneath this, the single blends tired, expressive vocal rasps with intimate poetic reflections, creating an intimate acoustic space – within which the underlying intentions can connect in a genuinely moving way.

Tipping its hat towards the grunge and hard rock legends of a simpler time – the softer releases that broke down all barriers between artist and audience for a revealing, deeply human experience – Against The Grain features subtly psychedelic guitar play during its instrumental moments. This quality injects a modest degree of character, of identity, which helps make the whole thing notably recognisable. In addition to the age-old depth and quiet power of the voice, it helps make the song an easy must for rock fans past and present.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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