Life is the beautiful new single from Race Against Fate. Pairing the simple energy of an acoustic guitar and a sitar, the song’s ambiance is calming & delicate, the message & melody being the driving forces behind it’s strength.


Recognited as a producer drives with equal parts professionalism & creativity. There’s delicacy here, thoughtfulness as to how each element steps into the mix – drawing you in with simple yet effective musical strength.


Donny Doomsday’s approach to rap & hip hop in general is refreshingly real & unexpectedly humble. His confidence & skill are unquestionable, but you get a clear sense that this music has been made out of a sheer love for the art of it. For that reason, you want to listen.


You know for certain that you’ve experienced something extraordinary when you listen to this album in full. It’s a fascinating collection that really holds tight to your attention & provokes deep consideration of the ideas within. 


A masterpiece, by all accounts. A complex, multi-layered audio experience that has been flawlessly crafted & considerately presented to its audience. Fully immersive, beautifully catered to escapism, powerfully designed to enhance any moment with energy & vibrancy.