Having instantly caught the attention of music fans & critics alike at the start of this year with his single Your Eyes, his newest release, Could You Be The One is considerably EDM-pop driven & easily his best track to date.


Duality is a component of our every day existence. ​Vineyard Cries displays this inevitability in his hip hop/popesque single entitled, ​Wolf. During the opening seconds of this dualistic experience, there’s an automatic suspense that blankets you.


Project North, having already connected with several key players in the industry as they’ve grown into the artists they are today, are perhaps paving the way for the UK EDM movement, with releases such as their latest single Think Twice.


Sam Xhri6 is an artist whose sound fits beautifully into the modern RnB-pop-fusion world as well as offering a distinct level of character & freshness that really helps this latest single shine brightly.


Radio Drive’s recently released project is one that brings a bright & emotionally open collection of songs that seem to float somewhere between indie-pop & the more classic rock sounds of the 70’s.