JRS3 has done well to create something refreshing with this. Instrumentally it works a treat, taking the hip hop sound somewhere new & creative, though with a dash of retro synths & electric guitar – the past & the present meet, along with several genres. An easily memorable & quite addictive hit. 


Ed Hale is a fantastic songwriter – this album is driven by a fine fusion of this and a totally enjoyable, eclectic and impressive array of musicianship. Hale’s voice offers a certain meeting between indie-rock grit and singer-songwriter delicacy, the songs feel upbeat but calm – energizing yet welcoming.

Alt PopFolk RockRock & RollSongwriter

Alexis is a project that has been compiled with care and professionalism alike – you can hear this in the music, alongside of passion and positivity, every step of the way. Gerred has put so much of himself into the album, and it works.


The whole concept could either be deeply metaphorical or completely, sadly literal. This is metal of course, so perhaps both play a part in the truth. As a debut in particular, Trigger is a hard-hitting, expressive & really well crafted track.

Hard RockMetalRock

The various vocal sections add further to the passion & creativity – the intensity & pace increases, the song starts to hit harder. The final moments are huge, a backing choir and a kicked up beat create beautiful chaos behind the artist’s soulfully meandering voice. 


A brilliant rhythm section provides a unique & impressive backbone throughout this instrumental journey. Their music is something of a free-flowing, spontaneous expression of emotions – presented in unity & with an ongoing sense of style & togetherness.


There’s an underlying, slightly tribal feel to the beat – then you get the vocal rhythm & the sheer passion in Dutty’s voice, the soulful melodic tones of the feature, and some superb electric guitar hits that fill up the outer edges. Originality runs free but it’s also kept relevant by clear threads of ability, truth & professionalism.

Alt PopHip-Hop