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Martina Stokes XOXO


Martina Stokes celebrates all things Pop and RnB, whilst delving into the ups and downs of love, with this organically-rooted, cleanly-mixed and high-energy new single.

Backed initially by just a simple chord progression on the keys, XOXO immediately introduces the piercingly energetic vocal from Martina in a nearly stripped-back setting – a fearlessly upfront presentation that continues to take the lead throughout.

As things roll along, layers of subtle Gospel and RnB in the form of additional vocals and timeless rhythms pour through to further elevate that vocal passion, and ultimately we get a fairly nostalgic listen that’s refreshingly minimalist in between moments of fuller production.

The final third in fact sees Martina revert to a more sultry, almost whispered delivery, before reflecting one last time on the ultimate overcoming and self-empowerment that is the heart of the song’s intentions.

It’s a motivational anthem, in short, crafted with care and performed with the right amount of authenticity and devotion to feel genuine.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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