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I WANT POETRY People at Parties


Indie-pop duo I WANT POETRY return this season with a boldly immersive, hauntingly beautiful single.

Featuring stunning vocals faultlessly captured form the outset, People At Parties brings through a slowly increasing soundscape of cinematic synths and layers, for an ultimately engaging, observational listen that’s naturally memorable.

Employing intricate sound-design in everything from the heavy bass-drum to the lighter instances of rhythm and synth alike, People at Parties connects for both its arrangement and writing. The song itself is gorgeously melodic, refreshingly so – an authentically new feel, from long-form intriguing verses to the instantly recognisable resolve of the hook. Surrounding and supporting this, however, is brilliant production – a finely-crafted, atmospheric yet equally passionate wave of sound, which meets the delicacy and expression of the voice and lyrics with precision and purpose.

Utilising the I WANT POETRY ethereal characteristics but also venturing off towards the vocal stylings of contemporary pop and the musicianship of a much more nostalgic era, People At Parties reflects on a relatable scene in an entirely original way. The song is powerful, hypnotic as it rains down at volume, and it highlights the very best of the I WANT POETRY sound.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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