Yvonne Sangudi introduces a confident and colourful approach to dance-hall and modern pop with the single MistaRomeo. Taking hints of inspiration from the likes of Shakira, there’s a definite level of energy and personality to the song that gives it a unique edge.


Monkey Mind are a band who showcase a creative fusion of classic, progressive rock & something a little more nu-metal-inspired. Their self-titled EP drives with impressive musicianship & cleverly contrasted performances that hold tight to your interest & allow heavy hook sections to hit with impact.

Alt RockMetalRock

UK singer and songwriter Linda Mathews collaborates with Miami-based producer Austin Leeds to bring music fans a smooth and uplifting house track – one with a soulfully melodic backbone and a classic set of vibes that feel both nostalgic and fresh right now.

Deep HouseEDMPopTrip-Hop

There’s an Enya-like feel to the presentation, the voice drives as if simply another instrument, so the collaboration just works. It sounds pleasant in itself, and should you choose to listen a little more intently – the concept reaches out to connect in a very pure and relatable way.

Folk PopPop

Artdayn has made sure to write a piece that flows like crashing waves; relentless & always bringing in something slightly different or new. Alongside of this intense & memorable beat, it works well to make certain you know his sound & his style.


The melodic development – these long-form lines, the varying vocal rhythm – and the continuous flow of the acoustic guitar strumming, all makes for something that feels familiar but uncommon in the same instance. It also makes it feel very real – you get a genuine sense of honesty & endearing authenticity throughout.

Folk PopSongwriter

There are multiple layers of vocals within this piece, but once you know where you are, this works to reinforce each idea & to present a choir-like sense of calm & togetherness – something that holds close to the inherent values of the song & indeed the artist. 


You can love this as a fan of house & EDM in general – unlike the more common pop-EDM fusions that rob the listener of their initial attachment to either of those genres. DBT has a clear connection to the music & an understanding of what works, so this finely tuned, beautifully crafted release stands out in a subtle, not screaming for attention manner.

Deep HouseEDMHouseProducer

Dukki Boi as a rapper has the sort of nostalgic and natural vocal tone to really carry an appealing vibe within modern hip hop. As an artist in general, this single feeds further into that sentiment – making for something that quite genuinely feels as if it was a slept on hit from the dawn of the genre.