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3mind Blight Paranoid


“A million eyes stare at me with despise, A million lies swarm about inside my mind…”

Compelling from the outset and beautifully structured to complete that circle with an equally impactful finish, 3mind Blight‘s newest single Paranoid kicks up a passion for heavy metal, whilst taking listeners on an uninhibited and unapologetic journey through the turmoil of its topic.

Freshly released, Paranoid gallantly devotes itself to both concept and style, fiercely committing to the weight and terror of metal whilst openly exploring the equal depth and darkness of its subject matter.

Not the first time 3mind Blight has tackled this issue, and in fact just one of many references to the struggles that take place inside the mind, Paranoid reverts back to the authentic roots of metal, and simultaneously delivers unrivaled performative presence from Mike. Even between the walls of a single line, we witness a skilful shift from gritty characterisation to softer melodic resolves, and even to rap. It’s a complex and versatile arrangement, and ultimately brings out the very best in 3mind Blight.

Complete with its explosively memorable closing moment of ‘I will never rest in peace’, Paranoid exemplifies the qualities fans have long sought out in 3mind Blight’s music – the realness, the lack of influence from industry norms or expectations, the sheer severity of the ride. At the same time though, the track naturally adheres to the effective building blocks of metal – vocals that flow from melodic to intense, drums that inject drama and cinematic purpose as things evolve.

In addition, Paranoid is a lyrically dense song, akin to the rap work showcased on many of Mike’s alternative releases, but it also resolves perfectly well each time that central idea rolls back around. The result is one of his most notably recognisable tracks, and a performance that brilliantly elevates the unmistakable vocal power and style of 3mind Blight.

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